as i was making my into the comic con world, in support of my comic book endeavor, one thing that always peaked an interest in folks was my involvement with the original production on tmnt back in the early nineties- i even got a, ‘…you seem to be a little young to have worked on that.” yes, i blushed.

 i thought it might be worthwhile to see what the response might be if i was to offer up some drawings of said turtles for sale to the comic con going public.

turns out there’s a market for that kinda thing at the most comic cons.

the first batch sold like gang busters at the toronto comic con in 2014 and have been part of my comic con repertoire ever since.

these are  a few that didn’t get snatched up

the michelangelos go fast and are the hardest to do, for me anyways, because of the chains.