peace and all the best in the new year!


a little animated xmas greeting. lots of love!


el cucaracho episode004 is on the web and it seems our hero still has some awkwardly earnest political/black helicopter issues to overcome or at least come to terms with before he can focus on being all postmodblackhumouredgypre/postironiky all over there asses. maybe next time.

i started with an actual storyboard this time and though it still kinda grew organically from there it's a lot more STRUCturEd then episodeOO8 in all its many forms.
the key difference between the two is that i made pretty concerted effort to turn down the suckage on this one in every scene; not just the ones i thought might be demo reel material(my aim is to turn down the suck until it is no longer apparent at least on first viewing. maybe next time).

so without further preamble.....bon cinema!


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