Captain ProAction

a rendition of what i thought a 'superhero' might look like if one were actually running around the inner city landscape. the name's a throw away.


six long years

almost completely unnoticed by our beloved msm, year six of the most heinous of criminal acts: Operation Iraqi Liberation(O.I.L) later known as O.I.F. the 'f' standing for freedom or more accurately f*cked


ye olde super cute baby illustrations

guess who's making animal pictures for the baby's room...


rex murphy

possibly the funniest looking head in canadian punditry, rex murphy also uses a rarefied lexicon (a lot of big words) that makes one haveta end up looking up the words in the dictionary assuming one has a dictionary lying around these days.

my buddy zee inspired me to take a stab at this humdinger of humanity. you can see his stab here. he really pushes it.