i'm not much of a motto kinda guy but if i had one it would be kinda like this guy's.



this is a mock up from a series proposal i put together a while back. the way keen colours are by my way keen girlfriend, nathalie.


him n his

2 page spread from sketchbook.


some character designs

a few of designs i feel turned out ok. they may have befell the terrible fate of being 'deemed' and therefore found inapropriate for the matter at hand. but i had fun drawing them and someone paid me to sit there and do that. for that i am thankful.

as with the henchmen below: real smudges on real animation paper from an authentic animation studio environment.


another caricature.

a waitress in a crass croute near work. she served us kindly and with respect. i remember her fondly.

one of my favourite things i ever done did.

this is an old doodle i did earlier in the century on the back of an old scipt for something or other.

some caricatures

a few attempts at caricatures. these are of the illustrious and former leader of the canadian government: jean 'dat's right' chretien. the expressions i culled from photos taken during the gomery commission on misapropriations of tax dollars during the 1993 'fight to save canada'.

i find that some of these actually look like him though some don't.