ricky's been running amok without an editor. 6% more editive.


une p'tit hommage. happy 400th


well, here it is my little experiment in free form guerrilla animation. no script, no board, no designs. just a vague idea of conflict and a missionn of sorts.go buy a software. learn it on the go. start making film. kinda like playing in a sandbox.

anyways, after 3 edits i think i figured out why it's a good idea to start with a solid script or board before you go and get yer hands dirty; because it'll probably be the last time yer gonna be able to look at your film with anything resembling fresh eyes.

enjoy, and remember kids no matter what they tell you, the only possible road to victory at this point in the iraq conflict is thru the impeachment of the executive and war delegating offices of the u.s. branches of government. afterwhich criminal charges must be pursued up to and including international warcrimes and crimes against humanity. then and only then can the healing begin and some bitter as tears victory be wrought from the turning of the fear that has been sowed during these past dark years into love.

there. i said it.

don't ask me how to do that last part.


a little bit of ruffage.

keeps me regular.