angels wearing gasmasks

these were a bunch of sketches that i did 2 summers ago that i thought, at the time, were kinda zeitgeisty.(i was actually trying to do something a little provocative since, i've long laid to rest any teenage repulsion i my have been engendered with against being 'pretentious'. i mean, christ, why not not attempt something of merit or significance if you got the time? and i was unemployed at the time ... so what the frick!

anyhoo - looking back at the juxtaposition of the charcoal rendering of the mad scientist archetype(character) with the ink sketch of the gas-mask-angel in the bottom drawing, is bringing to mind a lot of the ancient astronaut/extraterrestrial crptohistorical/fortean esoterica that i've been allowing access to my cerebral cortex lately. as is the general idea of 'angel/alien operatives' needing technological assistance to operate successfully 'down here'.

the scientist representing 'us' rendered in what is basically a burnt stick and the angel in a gas mask representing 'them'* rendered with a highly advanced mechanism utilizing ball-bearing, vacuum creating and plastic manufacturing techniques, this, representation of the differences in technological capacity of the two groups.

the scientist also seems to have a righteous anger burning in the general direction though, not directly at the gma, while the angel has literally glassy eyed gaze encompassing not only the raging scientist but, conceivably everything in that general direction. again representative of the differences between the to groups. this time in the awareness they have of each other.

totally unintentional(and or subconscious). i may not have even drawn the two sketches on the same page at the same time. just filling in a blank spot on the page for the sake of no longer having a blank spot on the page.

but in a world where, as i believe, one gets lied to from birth till death about where and who we are, could any real insights occur if not by accident?

stay tuned folks; we're thru the looking glass now.

like we've ever been anywhere else.

if you're a unfamiliar with ancient astronaut/extraterrestrial crptohistorical/fortean esoterica here's a couple of links from different ends of the spectrum you might find interesting and or highly offensive.

revisionist bible interpretation

ancient astronaut with a good dash of bigfoot

*still not sure if there is a 'them' or that if it's even possible to be separate from anything in the universe in a manner that would actually constitute a 'them' or 'other' type entity.

the concept existing solely for the benefit of them that might profit from the waging of one group against a fabricated 'other'.



here's a little look at a development package i'm hoping to pitch in the near future.