billy & friends

a page from the sketchbook. with a little bit of photoshop fandangling.



this is from an invite, for a halloween soirée m'lovely cohort and i are throwing.


novelty seeker

an illustration i submitted to a local poetry journal. submission less than fully accepted.


more hippos

it's confirmed: hippos are fun to draw.


RGBcolored hippopotami(and maybe a goofy polar bear)

i can't believe how long it took me to find out how much fun it is to draw hippos.

i'm telling ya, its a lot of fun.


ye olde cranky septegenarian(sp)

real pencil smudges on real animation paper from a real animation studio. original inspiration sketch for a character design for a t.v. show. i tightened up somewhat after the fact. more importantly, though, it's the 8th post published by me today.


well, have a happy pineapple express day or '08 olympics day or whatever you chose to do on this most auspicious of days.

so far.

7th of 8 posts on 080808

i drew this one about 2 summers ago on st. catherine st. inked it maybe a few months later.

sometimes i draw with a purple pencil.

ink doodles are fun. fun is good.

3 bugs in ink and pencil crayon

BG screen shot

this is the final background for what has come to be know as the 'plumber' sequence.


COLOR screenshots.

just finishing up on a small gig for an instructional video on hemophilia and i thought i'd put up a couple of screenshots. y'know; for the heck of it.


these are some rough prep sketches for an animation. its for an instructional video i'm working on right now.

the roman numerals are wrong.


a little something i've been frikkin around with lately.



the black and white drawing with the colour illo i done gone and did for this week's topic over @ art jumble.



i love drawing these critters so much i had to give 'em a name.

the one at the bottom maybe not so much


some life drawings from a recent session that i think tuned out all right.

10 to 15 minute poses. i think.


a little spider-man for no particular reason.


it's been a while since my last post so i thought i might upload some recent excursions in life drawing, for the heck of it.


guernica gaspump red

crikey! i hope this is the last one of these i hafta do!


el cucaracho Ep004 'winds of deception' predator mx

remix of episode 004 with borrowed soundtrack and some older versions of a couple of scenes still in the cut