the lurch of the broken glass republican!!!

is there anything scarier this halloween season than the broken glass republican?

Ooooo ahhhhh!

that's pretty scary kids.


and then there's nub

the newest addition to our growing halloweenie rogues gallery. i like to think that he kinda speaks for himself. now 35% less crapulant.


more stuff for halloween (plus some of the same)

he's a professor of psychology at a formerly prestigious institute. lobotomized against his will (like there's any other kind) he's managed to "override' the pacificatory and torpid effects of said lobotomy with the use of 'extreme' logic, ie. if a given set of circumstances would require an act of aggression to logically resolve a situation, dr. jonz is able to initiate an act of aggression. example: if hitting someone on the head is the only way one would is to get thru a door and getting thru that door is only way one is going to live to see the sunrise and if seeing said sunrise is desirous then hitting said person on the head is logically the correct thing to do and would therefore not require the frontal lobe of the brain to initiate. i know, it's a little complicated, bare with me.

she's an evolutionary leap of zombie with a special taste for human pituitary gland. able to digest this gland in a manner which brings her out of a zombie brain dead stupor and back into a semi 'normal' state of brain function for a limited period of time.

he's a liberal progressive. (wow! how scary is that kids?)

she leans a little more towards libertarian.

they're together.


lobotomy jones

a little something for the holiday season.