series development collage

the great thing about working on developing an animation series, especially in the early stages, is the shear amount of drawings you have to go through trying to come up with characters and 'styles' of animation. as for style in this case, i got the feeling early on, that the client, though wanting something cartoony, didn't want anything that was, y'know, 'too cartoony'. and it was just a matter of finding out what each of us thought the other meant by 'cartoony' and 'too cartoony'

these are selections from the ever expanding research and reject file...


Real Canadian Superheroes! For Real!

These are a series of trading cards issued along with series of postage stamps that came out in 1992 or 93.

I modified two of them somewhat so as not to arouse any copyright houndings and include them in series proposal I put together late last year.

Two other ones are complete fabrications based on characters in the series.

Three of them are untouched and are shown as they were issued with a little worse for wearage along the edges.

Can you guess which one are which, kids? I knew you could.

I'm not saying I did such a great job with the photoshopping and the fakings but the and vague status of most Canadian superheroes makes it a pretty easy task for one up to such enterprise.

Johnny Kanuckehead is a personal favorite.

These are the stamps themselves: Issued to commemorate Superman's birthday and the discovery that he's apparently half Canadian. I thought he was half Jewish myself. But what do I know?

I'm pretty sure it was his left side that was Canadian. The side that that Neofacsist Batman always hated. Or was Superman the Neofacsist? Labels. So hard to keep track of who's what and what's what mean.

But I digress.

One these stamps is a fake also. It's pretty easy to spot; it's the one you can't read at this size.