Royal Canadian Danger Rangers!

This is a series proposal and working title I've developed and been pitching around lately. It's based on idea an idea by the Vestibules LINK that I just loved sound of if not the original title.

At the time I 'came up' with the title I was surprised to myself that I'd never heard use of the term 'danger rangers'. That was, until about 2007 or so, when I finally got around to seeing Clerks 2 on the movie channels. That's when I noticed Randall's tshirt had a danger ranger illustration on it(I actually misread it: it read "Ranger Danger". But in the end that made no difference 'cause once I got around to googling it I got this. And lately(er) there's this.

I've also found this. Don't forget to click on the Danger Ranger logo beneath the banner/internal site link bar for extra marketage of the "no way" nature.

Anyways I don't no where that leaves the rights to the IDEA of a danger rangers. Might have to use some other word like 'squad' or "team" or something.

Maybe an acronym, like: C.O.B.A.L.T. or A.S.Q.U.A,D.

We'll have to get some reputable lawyerin' on that at some point.

Regardless, I just love the idea of an underfunded team of government agents saving the world efficiently and cheaply on the Environment Canada's annual budget.

That and developing the whole mythos that might have surrounded such a team. Kinda what the Venture Brothers does so sublimely well these days.

Anyhoo, bye for now. Hope you like.



A recent edit of a promo for a series proposal I've been working on lately. It's based on an idea myself and my buddies over at ee's and zee's came up with back in the Oh Oh's (happy new year everyone--hope the tweens aren't too terribly hard on you). Zee provided 3 way cool character designs.

The sound track's recorded a little low so I suggest you crank it.

You can view a non blog blocked version ici