RGBcolored hippopotami(and maybe a goofy polar bear)

i can't believe how long it took me to find out how much fun it is to draw hippos.

i'm telling ya, its a lot of fun.


ye olde cranky septegenarian(sp)

real pencil smudges on real animation paper from a real animation studio. original inspiration sketch for a character design for a t.v. show. i tightened up somewhat after the fact. more importantly, though, it's the 8th post published by me today.


well, have a happy pineapple express day or '08 olympics day or whatever you chose to do on this most auspicious of days.

so far.

7th of 8 posts on 080808

i drew this one about 2 summers ago on st. catherine st. inked it maybe a few months later.

sometimes i draw with a purple pencil.

ink doodles are fun. fun is good.

3 bugs in ink and pencil crayon

BG screen shot

this is the final background for what has come to be know as the 'plumber' sequence.