black and white storyboard panels

these here drawings are a selection of storyboard panels. The stories are based on Inuit legends and we're going to go for a shadow puppet/hi-contrast silhouette look. so i'm trying to keep the action as 'readable' as possible as a silhouette. it's a very fun and interesting task.



some more sketches- of an analog nature this time.

i think i'm close to a pretty 'cool' direction to go in, style wise.  a simple, straight forward animation style- cartoony but not too cartoony (whatever that means- you know it like you see, i guess- like porn)

anyways... i'm gonna try to combine the elements of the two top drawings next.



Walrus Monster

been playing with Inuit art motifs lately in preparation for an upcoming animation gig- I doubt we'll go in a direction this cartoony- butcha never know...




my sketchbook is starting to get jealous


Anti-hero and sidekick-thing!

more sketchy sketchies from my wacom tablet

digital drawing by my very own fingers*

having fun just drawing cartoony for the sake of drawing cartoony.

*pardon the pun


ruff sketches

These're some ruff sketches(slightly cleened-up) from a recent excursion into the outer edges of series development. After a couple of months of doing tight comic book drawing it's nice to do something much loser and digital drawing is nice because you can undo undo undo. It makes it easy to stay lose -  tho, I'm still not as loose with these drawings as I'd like to be before I start to really get into Design design. Soon.


Progressive versions of poster illustration

these scans are from aug/sept 2013... 

...and this is the final photoshop file that i got printed poster size for montreal comiccon that year.  there's also tshirts with this design on them available.